Dutch Amateur Radio Station



Welcome at the homepage from PA3XZY.

My name is Germar and I am born in Amsterdam
Now I live in a city called Ede at the location JO22TA
Member of the VRZA Netherlands
Started over 25 years ago with the hobby

 The early years:

I had to stop because my first daughter was born and the room I used was needed, and there was no other room availlabe.
After moving to another house, I didn't want to place an antenne, so the hobby became frozen.
Now the kids are leaving the house, getting married and so on, a room became availlable again in 2013, I claimed it again for my hobby.
I work now with a Kenwood TS-850S and a out250b vertical antenna for the HF bands.



Changed my callsign from PE1IGU to PA3XYZ
Hope to make alot of nice DX and wish you all 73's